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Top 5 tips for effective website design

  • Top 5 tips for effective website design

    A good website design is judged by the users not by the website owners. Website design is not only about look and feel but it is also about the functionality and getting business leads.

    1. Purpose – A good website design should always cater the needs of your visitors. Each website page should have clear purpose.
    2. Communication – When people come on your website they want accurate information and they want it fast so your website pages should be to the point.
    3. Navigation – When people come to your website they should not have to figure out anything. The website navigation should be simple and intuitive. This is a very important part of your website design.
    4. Fast load – Make sure your website loads very fast. People who are looking for your products/services will not wait for your website to load. They will go to another websites (your competitors) if your website doesn’t load in a second or two. Your website design should be optimized for load time.
    5. Mobile optimized – Now everyone got smartphones and are used to everything and anything. Most of the online searches are done on smartphones. So if your website design is not mobile friendly then you are missing out on a lot.
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